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Sherie helps me stay authentic to myself and my values. Although she is a genuinely supportive coach, she doesn’t coddle her clients and knows when to get real. When I’m faced with difficulties, Sherie helps me process them in a constructive way by guiding me through my immediate and more emotional reaction. Then, when she knows I’m ready to hear what needs to be said, she gently nudges me to face the truth—even if it’s a hard pill to swallow. She doesn’t just agree with me or tell me what I want to hear, because Sherie knows that growth happens from honest self-reflection. I often get so lost in my people-pleasing tendencies and deep attachment to friends to realize that some people are taking advantage of those very qualities. Thankfully, with Sherie’s coaching, I learned to protect myself from toxic people who were taking precious time and energy away from myself. She always contributes a much-needed, fresh perspective to help me better understand the issues I’m facing. I’m truly grateful to have her in my life as my coach, and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for authentic guidance in their journey to self-discovery and growth.

June Cho

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